Member of Grandma Sheep's family

What are the benefits of being a member of Grandma Ovečková's family?

1. Membership price. As a member of the Babička Ovečková family, after logging in, the prices on the entire e-shop will automatically be reduced by 5% compared to the prices without logging in.

2. Easy returns. By logging in, you will have access to your order history. When you need to return or make a claim, you don't need to look for a receipt or order in your e-mail. Just a few clicks and we'll find out what happened right away. In addition, you can send goods via Zásilkovna for free.

3. Among the first. Every now and then we prepare a sale or give away discounts. And you will be the first to whom we write about it.


How to become a member of Grandma Ovečková's family?

1. Sign up. Fill out the registration form.

2. Sign up for the newsletter. When you fill out the registration form, don't forget to check the box "Become a member of Grandma Ovečková's family" and submit the registration.

3. Remember to be logged in every time you make a purchase. Only then will you be able to benefit from the benefits of being a member of Grandma Ovečková's family.

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