About us



Granmother Sheep is a traditional Czech brand engaged in the production of products from fine Merino sheep's wool and the production of products from natural materials.

The products are made from ecological materials from sustainable sources. We manufacture all Merino sheep wool products with maximum emphasis on quality and regularly test them.

Our woolen products have prophylactic-therapeutic effects, do not irritate the skin, gently massage the nerve endings on the body, are anti-allergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers, and are characterized by excellent thermoregulation and hydroregulation capabilities. Thanks to the constant temperature and humidity, they are also suitable for asthmatics. The warming properties of sheep's wool reduce pain and increase the mobility of joints, muscles and tendons, which is also appreciated by rheumatism patients. They reduce tension and pain, remove positive ions, harmful to the body, which are the cause of fatigue and headaches.



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