Men's functional thermal T-shirt IBRAHIM with sheep's wool

Men's functional long sleeve T-shirt made of Merino wool 96 professional with long raglan sleeves and a round neckline processed into a hem. The back part is extended for perfect back protection from the cold. Flat seams in a nice contrasting design on a black base.
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Men's functional merino wool T-shirt 96 professional with long raglan sleeves and a round neckline. The back is extended for perfect protection against the cold. Flatlock seams in a decent contrasting design on a black base.

They maintain body temperature and are pleasantly warm even when wet. Thanks to the fibre structure, which is coated with natural lanolin, they do not breed bacteria and are therefore odourless, naturally moisture-wicking and anti-allergenic.

Number of layers: 1
Composition: 96 % merino wool, 4 % polyamide

Made in the Czech Republic.

ColorČerná / Modrá
Clothing size2XL / 3XL / 4XL / 5XL / L / XL
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